Our Story

Honeytree Meadery is Nashville’s premier craft meadery.

Economy + Ecology + Education

Here at Honeytree, founders and long-time brewers Matt Loch and Ross Welbon produce quality meads through environmentally sustainable processes.

We also work to build community around this special drink by enlightening and educating our patrons.  It’s our mission to update the ancient beverage for the modern consumer while retaining the age-old spirits of kinship and reverence for nature.


Ross Welbon

Primary beekeeper, sales and outreach manager, assistant brewer

Ross leaves a trail of smiles wherever he goes.  He’s a long-time beekeeper and brewer of both beer and mead, previously brewing for Little Harpeth Brewing. His time working with LHB produced countless contacts within the Nashville brewing and restaurant community, as well as their popular Mosiac IPK.  His passion for beekeeping and sharing his knowledge with others knows no bounds, and he intends on pursuing a Master Beekeeper certificate in the next few years.


Matt Loch

Lead meadmaker, operations manager

As a bookworm and lab rat, Matt stumbled across mead during college and was compelled to try the drink at any cost. Unable to find any of the ancient beverage in local breweries and liquor stores, he took inspiration from his friends’ attempts at homemade hooch and tried using a plastic jug, some honey, and bread yeast. After the batch cleared, he tasted and thought “This can be better” and has been brewing ever since. In the meantime, he has worked in a wide variety of labs ranging from drug discovery to food science. He has incorporated this meticulous method to brewing a wide range of meads from traditional to more modern, even developing a new methodology for extracting the best flavors from his ingredients.