What makes a Mead?

As beer has grains and wine has grapes, Mead’s featured ingredient is honey.  Traditional meads are most similar to wines, found between 10-12% ABV and can be sweet, semi-sweet, and dry.  The main flavors of the mead typically come from the types of honey used (i.e. wildflower, sourwood, orange blossom), but adjuncts like fruit, spices, and herbs are also commonly found and can elevate the beverage to previously unattainable levels.

Historically, most people believe mead to be synonymous with Nordic cultures, but archaeological evidence of honey-based alcoholic beverages have been found in ancient China, EgyptRome, and Ethiopia.

At the Honeytree, we strive to make the best meads that pay homage to the drink’s history, our place in time, and our environment’s future.  This is why we use quality local honey to form the backbone of every mead, whether the honey is from nearby apiaries or our very own hives.

Because the production of Mead is tied directly to the wellbeing of bees (and their keepers), we are committed to beekeeping culture throughout Davidson county and beyond.